TACIT | IT – A Self Employed European Entrepreneur – Alex

The Challenge

SBC Marketing London is tasked with acquiring new clients for our IT firm. We will employ a targeted approach, identifying businesses in need of IT services. Leveraging our expertise, we’ll create tailored marketing campaigns to showcase our offerings and demonstrate how our solutions can benefit their operations.


Alex’s journey began at our Networking Skills Workshop, a transformative client solution. Here, he not only learned the art of networking but also acquired a toolkit of strategies and tricks to excel in this vital skill. Our workshop empowered Alex with practical techniques, from effective communication to relationship-building, enabling him to confidently navigate professional networks.

He grasped the nuances of networking, honed his interpersonal skills, and uncovered the secrets to building meaningful connections. As a result, Alex was better equipped to leverage these skills, fostering valuable relationships, and expanding his professional reach. This newfound proficiency proved instrumental in enhancing his career, opening doors to new opportunities, and positioning him for success in today’s competitive business landscape.


Tacit | IT has undergone a remarkable transformation as a direct result of Alex’s enhanced networking skills. Previously, he was actively seeking potential clients. However, the tables have turned, and now clients are seeking him out. This shift signifies the profound impact of his improved networking abilities, which have elevated his professional profile.

With his newfound confidence and strategic networking techniques, Alex has become a sought-after figure in the IT industry. Prospective clients are drawn to his expertise, recognizing him as a trusted resource in his field. This shift in dynamics has not only reduced the effort required to find clients but has also expanded his business opportunities significantly. It is a testament to the power of effective networking in propelling one’s career and fostering organic growth within a competitive industry.

Let’s Make Your Marketing Count

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