WALDOUR SECURITY – Canadian-based VIP Security Firm

The Challenge

SBC Marketing London is tasked with addressing the branding and identity gap of a VIP security firm in their marketplace. We will develop a distinctive brand identity that conveys trust and professionalism, design marketing materials, and implement strategies to enhance their presence, solidify their reputation, and attract potential clients.


Our client solution involved a swift and effective response to the VIP security firm’s branding and identity challenge. SBC Marketing London’s Graphics Team executed a rapid turnaround, creating a compelling and distinctive brand identity. This brand identity was meticulously designed to exude trust, professionalism, and security expertise. The timely delivery ensured the firm could immediately apply its new image to all marketing materials, making a strong impression in the marketplace. By providing a strong and coherent visual identity, we equipped the client to enhance their reputation, gain recognition, and attract clients more effectively, ultimately setting them on a path towards success in their niche market.

Private Security - SBC Marketing London.


The client’s results were nothing short of exceptional. Our prompt and comprehensive brand identity solution was delivered on all requested formats, exceeding their expectations. The firm now boasts a strong and coherent brand identity that resonates with their target audience. This newfound image exudes trust and professionalism, positioning the VIP security firm as a prominent player in their market. The timely fashion of our delivery allowed the client to immediately apply this brand identity across all materials, leaving a lasting impression. This successful rebranding has not only solidified their identity but also boosted recognition, credibility, and client trust, providing the foundation for sustained growth and success in their marketplace.

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Marketing Consultant - Kennedy Imuere

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