JMA PROJECTS LIMITED – a UK based Project Management Firm. .


SBC Marketing London is tasked with creating a growth-oriented marketing strategy for the firm. This involves analyzing market trends, identifying target demographics, crafting compelling content, leveraging digital platforms, and measuring ROI. The strategy aims to enhance brand visibility, increase leads, and ultimately expand the company’s client base and revenue.


SBC Marketing London offers a comprehensive client solution: the development of a robust marketing plan with actionable ideas for immediate implementation. Starting with a thorough analysis of the client’s business objectives, target audience, and market dynamics, our team formulates a tailored marketing strategy. This plan encompasses various marketing channels, from digital to traditional, and includes innovative approaches to stand out in the competitive landscape. We provide detailed, step-by-step actionable ideas that enable clients to kickstart their marketing initiatives promptly. By focusing on measurable outcomes and continuous optimization, our solution equips clients to achieve tangible results, enhance brand presence, and drive growth.

Maria Mustapha - Founder & Director of JMA Projects Ltd, London


The client’s journey with SBC Marketing London yielded remarkable results. Through our guidance and support, the client experienced a significant boost in confidence. Armed with newfound business networking skills, she emerged as a more poised and proactive professional. This newfound self-assurance enabled her to establish and nurture valuable connections within her industry and beyond.

As a result, the client leveraged these networking skills to not only develop her business but also to scale it. She actively engaged in strategic partnerships, cultivated meaningful relationships with potential clients and collaborators, and tapped into a broader network of opportunities. This proactive approach played a pivotal role in the growth of her business, as she expanded her reach, increased her client base, and ultimately achieved higher levels of success. The client’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative impact of our services in empowering individuals to excel in their professional endeavors.

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Marketing Consultant - Kennedy Imuere

Kennedy Imuere

Marketing Consultant Expert
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