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The Challenge

SBC Marketing London is tasked with identifying the most effective means for a church to announce its new branch to the local community. We will explore communication channels and strategies, such as local events, social media, and community outreach, to ensure a successful and impactful introduction to the community.


Our client solution encompasses a comprehensive direct marketing service. We take charge of the entire process, from designing and printing all marketing materials to arranging door-to-door distribution through Royal Mail. This approach ensures a seamless and professionally executed campaign. Our meticulously crafted marketing materials capture the essence of the church’s new branch and its value proposition. Leveraging Royal Mail for distribution guarantees a wide and targeted reach, enabling us to effectively introduce the church to the local community. The combination of impactful design and strategic distribution empowers the church to create a strong, lasting impression within the community, fostering a positive and engaging relationship with its prospective members.



The client’s direct marketing campaign achieved outstanding results. Within just 72 hours of the campaign launch, every household in the local community was made aware of the new church branch. The swift and comprehensive dissemination of information was a testament to the efficacy of our strategy. The entire community had been successfully reached, ensuring widespread awareness and engagement. This impressive outcome not only generated interest but also fostered a sense of anticipation within the community. The church’s presence was solidified, and it established itself as a prominent and approachable entity. This success underscores the powerful impact of a well-executed direct marketing campaign, enabling the church to swiftly integrate itself into the local community and set the stage for a successful launch.

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