Cartridge World Franchise located in South East London


SBC Marketing London is tasked with devising a strategy for a franchiser to connect with local student communities and the surrounding marketplace. We will explore methods to foster engagement, such as local events, sponsorships, and digital outreach, creating a bridge between the franchise and its target audiences for mutual benefit.


Our client solution involves thorough local area research, culminating in a comprehensive marketing strategy. We delve deep into the community’s dynamics, demographics, and trends to understand its pulse. This knowledge allows us to craft a tailored marketing calendar, replete with innovative ideas and initiatives. The calendar is meticulously designed for seamless implementation, ensuring the franchiser’s engagement with the local student communities and marketplace is strategic and effective. By aligning our approach with the unique characteristics of the area, we facilitate meaningful connections and impactful outreach that resonates with the target audience, driving brand visibility and community involvement.

Cartridge World high street retailer -SBC Marketing London


The client’s experience with our solution yielded remarkable results. Following the implementation of our localised marketing calendar, the business witnessed a significant surge in local foot traffic. The strategic initiatives and community-focused approach captured the attention of the local student population.

Notably, students began to actively engage with the business, demonstrating a heightened interest in its products or services. This shift in dynamics marked a pivotal turning point, as the business became a focal point within the student community. The increased interaction and interest from this demographic translated into higher sales, brand loyalty, and a stronger presence in the local marketplace. This underscores the tangible impact of our client’s tailored marketing approach, resulting in a flourishing relationship with the local community and a more prosperous business venture.

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