London, 23/11/2023  — SBC Marketing London is thrilled to announce its upcoming event on Friday, October 1, dedicated to celebrating “The Rise and Rise of Small Business Saturday.” This initiative, founded by American Express in 2010, has become a cornerstone in championing local businesses and fostering community support.

American Express, a pioneer in supporting high streets, takes pride in its role as the founder of Small Business Saturday.

Now in its eleventh year in the UK, this campaign has experienced remarkable growth, encouraging millions to embrace the value of shopping small.

Key Highlights:

  • Significant media coverage and support from political and business leaders.
  • Tweets supporting the campaign reached over 100 million people, with #SmallBizSatUK and #SmallBusinessSaturday trending throughout the day.

The ethos of Small Business Saturday remains centered on promoting small businesses during the holiday season, contributing to the growth and thriving of this invaluable sector of the economy.

American Express recognises the unique role of small businesses and their owners in local communities across the UK. The company aims to highlight the benefits of shopping small, emphasizing expertise, personal connections, and the development of loyal, repeat customers who become advocates.

Last year’s Shop Small national campaign, a tremendous success, showcased and celebrated small businesses from across the UK. American Express Cardmembers who spent over £15 with participating small businesses on the day received a £5 credit, further amplifying support.

As we celebrate the success of Small Business Saturday over the past eleven years, it serves as a tribute to hardworking entrepreneurs globally. Despite the challenges in the world of small businesses, the impact of Small Business Saturday, supported by partners like American Express, continues to grow, driven by people’s enduring love for their community enterprises.

SBC Marketing London invites all entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners to join us on October 1 as we commemorate Small Business Saturday and the profound impact it has on local economies and communities.

For more information and event details, please contact:

Kennedy Imuere

Principal Consultant

SBC Marketing London

020 3553 1297

American Express  for SBC Marketing London in South East

American Express  for SBC Marketing London in South East

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SBC Marketing London is celebrating American Express small business Saturday 2023 

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