Social media marketing can seem like the simplest type of marketing to do. However, many people do not realise there are several common mistakes that are easy to make with social media marketing, which can greatly hurt your SEO in Southwark over time. The following five rookie social media marketing mistakes are particularly common and should be avoided at all costs. If you avoid them, you will soon see that your online presence is stronger than ever!

Not Having a Plan:

Even though social media marketing is creative, it still requires a careful plan to be successful. In fact, creating a plan is an important first step in any social media marketing campaign. Take time to consider who your target audience is, how you’ll reach them and which platforms will best help you achieve your goals. Without these important steps, you may waste valuable time and money!

Buying Followers:

Buying followers on social media seems like a great idea. However, it’s a black-hat SEO practice that can get you banned from your chosen platform. In addition to looking bad, buying followers can also have repercussions for your brand’s reputation.

People are much more likely to trust an account with few followers than one with thousands of purchased fans. There are far better ways to increase your following and engage new customers. For example, ask people who already follow you to share content or invite their friends.

Not Knowing Your Audience:

Social media is all about communication, and any attempt to market your brand or business will fall flat if you’re not listening. You may think that it’s smart to focus on quantity rather than quality when you’re starting out, but remember that social media isn’t about trying to reach as many people as possible. It’s about having a connection with your target market. Hiring SEO services in Southwark will make this easier for you.

Not Responding to Customer Queries:

Don’t ignore customer feedback. If someone takes time out of their day to complain about your product or service, be sure to respond. Not responding shows a lack of respect for customers and makes them want to seek revenge by posting negative reviews online. Instead, take complaints seriously and make sure your company is responsive and responsible. Help your customers whenever required and strive to maintain great reviews at all times.

Using Irrelevant Hashtags:

A lot of social media users just add a few hashtags at random, but that’s not going to improve your SEO in Southwark. Adding irrelevant hashtags can even make it harder for people interested in your content to find it. Also, don’t put too many hashtags in your posts.

Social media marketing has become indispensable in most modern businesses, but some companies are still floundering to make the most of this platform. If you’re feeling lost with your social media strategy, get in touch with one of the best digital marketing services in Southwark today.

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