Competitive Analysis in SEO

We live in an era where even small businesses face fierce competition. Yes, gone are the days when there were only a few restaurants, shopping malls, and other businesses. Today, you could see thousands of businesses in your niche, isn’t it? That’s why competitive analysis must be part of your SEO/digital marketing efforts. Competitive analysis can prepare you to combat the competitive digital world.

With the spike in the number of competitors in your field, boosting your website traffic is crucial, and it can make the difference in winning or losing the competition. Whether you are a marketing professional or business owner, comparing your SEO strategies with your competitors is very important, and it should be part of your daily task.

What Is SEO Competitive Analysis?

SEO competitive analysis is a process in which you will get all the details about your competitors. The competitive analysis involves researching the keywords, content, links, website response, design, and more about your digital competitors to implement the best SEO practices into your SEO strategies. Instead of guessing which keywords to target, links to build, and creating content, you can start using what is working for your competitors and build your business. In short, the competitive analysis gives you detailed data about your rival’s SEO tactics. If you are in the same niche, probably those tactics will work for you as well.

So, Why Is It Important?

Knowing the weakness and strengths are the key to a successful business, regardless of the size. With the competitive analysis report, you can be able to look at the overall market area, your position, who your competitors are, what they are doing to rank high in the SERPs (search engine result pages), and what the search looks like for your crucial keywords.

Even if you are ranking high for all of your top keywords, remember, another website will try to take over your position and capitalise on your site’s weakness.  That’s why successful businesses work closely with digital marketing agency London to not only rank high in SERPs (search engine result pages) but also retain the ranks by analysing their competitors.

If you are losing the competition even after all your SEO efforts, probably your competitors are exploiting your weakness. It’s a good idea to consult a local SEO expert in London to know your strength, and weakness, and customise your digital marketing campaign to meet your SEO goals.

In fact, a competitive analysis can be used as a route map for the areas you need to improve your rankings and user experience for your visitors. You can also discover the areas they are doing better at specific aspects of the search results, like dominating the snippets and having many pages that show up in the search result pages when a user asks something.

There are many ways to do competitive analysis, and if you are interested in it, please get in touch with our team at the seo marketing agency in London. We are happy to assist you with any queries and help you achieve your SEO goals.

About the Author

The author is a blogger and SEO expert working in a reputable digital marketing agency in London. Along with a team of passionate individuals, he is dedicated to helping small businesses to survive and thrive in the digital marketing world. You can see him regularly support small businesses and start-ups in his local community in the South East of London where their company is based. Collective they have helped over 1000 plus local businesses to date and they are still counting as we publish this blog.

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