Are You Making The Same Mistake In Your Business? Just for the record has not paid me in any shape or form to write and promote this article. This article is a result of our teams own research for potential clients who want to promote their services to local government establishments and are finding it extremely challenging. The remarkable truth we discovered today is that all our clients’ major competitors are all using injunction with all the other directories. Marketers refer to this approach as integrated marketing communications or a development of great marketing mix, basically no stone is left upturned with your marketing effort.


We discover today that over 95% of start-ups in the UK are not registering their business on even though the listing is FREE.


Why? I am guessing because they have only heard of Google; Yahoo; Bing; the major search engines online. We all used to use Yellow Pages and Thomson local in the UK to search for all kind of services and we even had vans with stickers stating `Find us in Yellow Pages’ before the advancement of the Internet. I can confirm that is still packing in the punches.​


So what is​ is the yellow pages directory online and even with advancement of Google and Yahoo most government establishments are still using to locate services and goods in their locality. In some of these government establishments, staff have a restricted Internet access, however, they are provided with external links which they can access. The only directory that constantly and universally appears on all of their recommended links is; this is not surprising, after all we used to consult the yellow pages for local services and goods not too long ago.


Really if you are not on you could be missing out on potential clients mostly if you would like government establishments to buy from you. The government is still the biggest spender in any economic climate. Government establishments are still spending billions on goods and services annually.


It goes without saying if they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you. So make an effort to have your business listed in as many directories online as possible. If you can’t do it yours why not use our Manual Directory Submission Service. United Kingdom directory submissions are an exclusive SEO service for websites operating within the United Kingdom with a focus on local visitors. Our directory submissions are done to .uk sites and other top-level domains, which accept only United Kingdom websites. Our submission experts will submit your website to 50 or 100 UK directories and thus bring in local traffic and quality back links.

Published On: August 3rd, 2020 / Categories: Business Builder, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

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