Business cards. Who thinks about business cards?

I do!

During the past eight weeks I’ve spoken in Phoenix, Dallas, Milwaukee and Chicago, and have attended several local ‘networking’ events.

The one thing that jumps out at me is how many people don’t come prepared.

They  don’t bring pens, they don’t bring paper, and they don’t bring business cards.


Some Examples


Jim and I are speaking. It sounds like he’s doing some interesting things. I ask, “Can I have one of your business cards?” as I’m about to hand him one of my own.

He mumbles to himself that he’s not sure where they are. He pulls out his wallet and begins searching.

As I watch him I feel as if I’m an eye-witness to an archaeological  expedition. He pulls out credit card receipts, credit cards, family pictures, his driver’s license, and other people’s business cards – with notes scribbled on the back.

Sheepishly he says, “I know I’ve got one… somewhere. Let me look in my briefcase. The search continues.

He opens his briefcase, which is packed with files and papers, memos and reports, newsletters and newspapers, and maybe somewhere deep inside… a business card.

Finally he finds one and hands it to me.

We exchange pleasantries and move on.

I write down some notes on the back of his business card so I can add him to my contact database and give him a call in a few days. Who knows where my business card ended up?

A few moments later, I begin a conversation with Ellen. We chat for a few moments, and I ask if she would like to be added to my e-mail newsletter. She says Yes. I ask her for a business card.

Ellen opens her purse, and starts rummaging around. She finds everything except a business card.

Ninety-seconds later I give her one of mine – along with a pen, and ask her to write her name, e-mail address and other information on the back.


I put her business card in my right pants pocket. Mine goes into the bottomless pit known as her bulging purse.

Using Your Business Cards

Business cards are inexpensive. You can buy a thousand for £25 to £50, maybe less. But we forget to carry them around with us. It’s a big mistake.

You never know when you’re going to meet someone who could become a customer, business associate, or sphere of reference.

Always Be Prepared

While flying back to Chicago from my meeting in Phoenix I found myself sitting next to Helen, the owner of a very successful and profitable manufacturing company.

During the flight we started talking. I asked her a lot of questions, and guess what, she liked talking about herself. The more questions I asked, the longer she talked.

During the conversation we discovered we shared a number of common business interests. She had also read several of my books, Small world, isn’t it.

When the plane landed in Chicago, we collected our carry-on luggage, walked into the terminal and continued the conversation for a few more minutes before she had to catch her connecting flight.

More Article from our Mentor Jeffrey Mayer will be Posted next Month..

Jeffrey Mayer my Mentor helped business owners, corporate executives and sales professionals, set their priorities, get focused, and achieve their goals, so they can grow their business, get ahead in life, and live their dreams. This article is reprinted with permission from “Jeffrey Mayer’s Succeeding In Business Newsletter. Copyright© 2004, Jeffrey Mayer. All rights reserved. Updated versions of his Sales Tools can be found at:

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