Information is advancing on a global stage with every wake of day thanks to the connectivity of the internet. Blogs, emails and most importantly social media have proven to contribute greatly to the viral spread of content in real-time, capturing polarised opinions from people of all walks of life. On Facebook alone, statistics show that there are 1.3 billion users who log in on a monthly basis to share relevant content and connect with families and friends. If you have a charity and want to keep your congregation engaged in all matters of the charity, then social media will prove to be an indispensable tool to you. Here are 5 ways how to use social media to grow your charity in leaps and bounds.

1: Improve your Facebook page and post regular updates

Having a good Facebook page for your charity and posting updates from time to time cannot be stressed enough. Before stepping foot into your building, many people usually get their first impression about your charity online. You should always ensure that you don’t have an empty page and that you regularly post updates on any relevant news as well as upcoming events.

2: Contribute quality content worth sharing

People stroll around the internet, asking themselves what’s in for them. When they find something interesting, the next thing that follows is sharing and sharing. You should therefore think about how you can leverage what you are creating for midweek or Sunday services that will encourage and empower your fans to continue the conversation. Sermon recap videos, short tweets and content that’s formatted for phones can be a great start.

3: Be keen about the conversations

Fine, you have broadcasted the information you wished to pass to your audience. But you should keep in mind that not engaging in the conversation won’t help much as you wished. It’s like holding a protest sign in a public place yet never speaking to people around you. Go ahead and answer questions that may be raised by your fans and encourage them using the social platform you are using.

4: Upload your best videos on YouTube

There’s no doubt that videos are becoming an integral part when it comes to broadcasting messages. You should utilize platforms such as YouTube to post your best sermons and previews. Use attractive descriptions and tags and you will be surprised how fast you can get a share of the 700 billion users on YouTube.

5: Have your personal account in addition to charity’s social channel

There’s nothing powerful than when people see you as a leader sharing charity related content on your own social media accounts. If you post a story about what is happening in your charity on the charity’s channel, do so too on your personal account. This way you will pass out the message that you have passion in what you do.

Every institution has something to gain from social media, and charityes aren’t any exceptional. In today’s digital error, people are using social platforms to share content and air their opinions on everything. You should keep social media close to you if you want to grow your charity both spiritually and in numbers. Post quality videos on your best sermons, update your tweeter and Facebook accounts regularly, and engage with your fans, addressing every concern they may have

Published On: November 4th, 2019 / Categories: Business Builder, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media /

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